New Story Published: “King of the Butterflies”

Dear Reader –

Sorry for the lack of posting lately! Life happens. But it is with great triumph I return with yet another published work of fiction! My short story “King of the Butterflies” is out now in the May 2017 edition of FrostFire Worlds magazine.

Unlike my previous work, this piece is published in an actual, honest-to-God printed magazine, like on real paper and everything. This is a first for me, and to celebrate:

They misspelled my name on the cover.

I know. *Sad trombone.*

But hey, at least I made the cover! Christopher “Mowden” will forever be immortalized in print.

This magazine is not available for free, though, which means if you want to read it you’ll need to shell out $7 of your hard-earned dollarydoos for the print copy, or $3 for the digital version on your e-reader. You can purchase it from the online store here.

In all seriousness, “King of the Butterflies” is my favorite story I’ve published so far. And it goes to show that inspiration can strike at any time. I was on a business trip (I used to travel to Topeka, Kansas about once a month) and I had a free evening. I took a walk that summer evening near my hotel, and by the time I returned I had a story in my head. I wrote about 75% of what would become the finished piece that night in my hotel room. You don’t need a hipster House of Cards branded faux-typewriter for iPad in order to get published, or a private wood-panelled office or even Scrivener. You just need a curious imagination and a helluva lot of persistence.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy.


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