North Carolina and Other Updates

Time flies. Here it is 2019, and I haven’t posted anything. I’m sure you’re aghast, clearly unable to continue life and productive endeavours until I update my blog. Well, rest easy, Somewhat-Infrequent Reader. I got you covered.

And to First-Time Readers, this is how it usually works around here. The blog is fairly low on the priority list and thus is only updated when (A) There’s big news; (B) I get a twinge of nerdy excitement about esoteric topics; or (C) I’m overcome by the urge to overshare online. In this case, it’s option C.  Continue reading “North Carolina and Other Updates”

New Story Published: “King of the Butterflies”

Dear Reader –

Sorry for the lack of posting lately! Life happens. But it is with great triumph I return with yet another published work of fiction! My short story “King of the Butterflies” is out now in the May 2017 edition of FrostFire Worlds magazine. Continue reading “New Story Published: “King of the Butterflies””

Notes – 12/30/2016

My apologies for the lack of posting lately (though I’m not sure if anyone is reading this blog yet!). I do have a third part in my Adulting So Hard series about half drafted, but want to spend more time on it before it goes up.

It’s been a strange time in my life. My days always end up filled, yet I never quite know where the day went. I have no idea what day it is if it’s not Sunday (when I go to church) because I have no standing appointments or obligations the other days of the week. So I thought it would be interesting to account for how I’m spending my time. In rough order (most-to-least time spent):

Continue reading “Notes – 12/30/2016”