Husband. Father. Writer. Geek.

Hi! I’m Chris. Welcome to the site.

Like the title says, I’m a guy with a great life. I’m married to a beautiful woman, a full-time dad to a wonderful baby girl, a fiction writer, and a self-proclaimed geek.

Since no one can be summarized in just four words: I also spent a decade in various corporate marketing positions. I lead an adult Bible study at my church. I like craft beer and local coffee. I love books more than is healthy for a normal person. I approve of beards and history and hiking and technology. I’m not a hipster, but flannel is comfy.

I created this site to connect with friends, both old and new. Thanks for visiting. Check out the Blog to get started, or if you’re looking for my published works of fiction, they can be found on the Writing page. Enjoy!