Hey everyone!

First, apologies for the lack of regular posting. I am still here and do plan to continue updating the blog as often as I can, but it probably won’t be very often. If you’re here because you like my fiction I assume you’d rather I spent my writing time on that, rather than on blog posts of “Here are ten YouTube videos that made me lulzers.”

Speaking of fiction, I have a new story out! “Ghosts of the North Pacific” is a sci-fi / horror* flash-fiction piece, available in the March 2018 issue of Splickety Magazine. The theme of this issue is “Dystopian Disasters,” which if you know me should come as no surprise. This story hits a few milestones for me:

  • It’s the first time I’ve shared a publication with a bestselling author. (USA Today Bestseller Pauline Creeden is also featured in the issue.)
  • It’s the first time I’ve gotten a full-color spread in a printed magazine. (And it looks pretty sexy if I do say so myself.)
  • It’s the first flash fiction piece I’ve ever published.

As a sidenote, this was one of the very first stories I ever wrote when I first began seriously writing short fiction in early 2014. After some (several) initial rejections, it gathered dust for awhile. But I always thought it had merit, so after gaining some experience in the short form I reworked it and culled it down into much shorter form for this Splickety theme. They bought it.

Most writers aren’t really defeated; they just give up. You might not sell a story to Tin House or The New Yorker, and you might not sell it in the form you envision, but if you believe in your work you can make it happen. This story is proof. So what are you waiting for?

Go check it out!

*Don’t worry. It’s not all that horror-ish. You can’t get very gruesome in 650 words, and plus, my scary stuff doesn’t tend to be very gruesome anyway. I prefer the heartbeat-racing can-they-make-it style of scary stories, as opposed to the something-jumps-out or look-at-all-the-blood style.

My apologies for the lack of posting lately (though I’m not sure if anyone is reading this blog yet!). I do have a third part in my Adulting So Hard series about half drafted, but want to spend more time on it before it goes up.

It’s been a strange time in my life. My days always end up filled, yet I never quite know where the day went. I have no idea what day it is if it’s not Sunday (when I go to church) because I have no standing appointments or obligations the other days of the week. So I thought it would be interesting to account for how I’m spending my time. In rough order (most-to-least time spent):


Just a quick note here: my newest piece of fiction is now published and available in Silver Blade Magazine! This science fiction story is called “The Persistence of RAM.” This piece arose from my desire to write two opposing voices that were distinctly different characters, each interpreted through the lens of the other. I would rate it a hard PG-13 for language.

Also, more good news:  I just had a new story accepted for the May 2017 edition of FrostFire Worlds magazine! That story is called “King of the Butterflies,” and I’ll have more about it as it comes closer to publication.

Thanks to all who continue to support me and my writing!