Published Work

I have the following pieces published or forthcoming. Check back soon, it’s growing all the time!

Arthur,” published in Daily Science Fiction, May 9, 2019. Science Fiction, 1,000 words. (Read)

“Ghosts of the North Pacific,” published in Splickety Magazine’s March 2018 theme issue, “Dystopian Disasters.” Science Fiction / Horror, 650 words. (Buy)

King of the Butterflies,” published in FrostFire Worlds, May 2017. Fantasy, 4,500 words. (Read)

The Persistence of RAM,” published in Silver Blade Magazine, Fall 2016. Science Fiction, 5,000 words. (Read)

The Goblin’s Son,” published in Swords & Sorcery Magazine, May 2015. Fantasy, 4,800 words. (Read)